11 May 2009

Reduction Print/Plastic Form #3, 2009

These are the first prints I've made in too many years. 
Printed in an edition of eleven on Rising Stonehenge paper, 9 x 12 inch sheet size. 
They are available for $150 each, or both for $250 (including shipping, not including framing).

12 April 2009

Untitled (Brown Bottle), 2003

I painted a lot of bottles for a while. Brown ones, clear ones, all colors. There are stacks of these in my kitchen. But they're small and easily framed and easily portable. Don't you want some?

11 April 2009

Styrofoam Form #32, 2009

See larger (better) images here.

Styrofoam Form #15, 2009

I can't seem to post anything larer than this without it getting cut off, which is irritating. For larger images of these pieces, and related work please visit here.

31 March 2009

35 Glasses, 2000

A selection from this portfolio. The entire set can be viewed right here. Available individually or, for a marked discount, as an entire set. Please email for more information.